Family Portrait

Earthenware and archival inkjet on printable fabric
17'' (H) x 13'' (W) x 14'' (D)

The work "Family Portrait" is inspired by French Marxist philosopher Louis Pierre Althusser's essay regarding the primary ideological state apparatus: he believes that an institution controls its people through either physical violence or brainwashing via education, media, or small intimate personal groups such as family.

In this work, there are four layers of transparency sheets with my parents' headshots block the two ends, and my headshots without eyes installed inside the monster shaped television. The arrangement represents the idea that I can't see the world with my own eyes but with my parents' while the monster formed station represents the social value. Free Will Is an Illusion. Under the influence of our society, we are puppets in performance. This work is also one of the examples of the mixed media sculpture made of ceramics and printable fabric.